Antoni Januszewski’s baton

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Name: Antoni Januszewski’s baton; Persons linked to the exhibit: Antoni Januszewski; Date: 1907; Country: Russia; Town: unknown; Materials: ebony, silver; Measurements: length 43,5 cm, diameter 1,5 cm; Ownership: Theatre Museum, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera; Inventory number: MT/IV/123; Description:

Antoni Januszewski’s (1863-1930) conic baton; Januszewski was the conductor of the choirs and symphony orchestra of the Płock Music Society. He received the baton in 1907 while serving as the choir and bandmaster of the 15th Pereiaslav Dragoon Regiment stationed in Płock. The baton was made of ebony decorated with silver fittings. In the upper section, the baton was engraved with silver and partly gilded with a composition presenting a putto blowing a trumpet against the background of a rich floral ornament. In the mid section, the wooden body was decorated with a spiral silver band with a Russian inscription engraved on it

; Inscriptions:

“A. I. Januszewskomu za soriewnowanie Chor. Muzyki / 14 VII 1907/ Kapielmiejsteru 2-wo Sp.”

; Catalog card: Katarzyna Wodarska-Ogidel;

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