Baton crafted in Ebenezer Newman’s studio (KS 1)

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Name: Baton crafted in Ebenezer Newman’s studio (KS 1); Date: 1896; Country: Great Britain; Town: Chester; Materials: black wood (ebony?), silver; Ownership: Krzysztof Słowiński’s collection; Inventory number: KS 1; Description:

black, wooden baton with silver fittings; conical body, grip finished with a long fitting in the shape of a knob, decorated with casts and engravings of floral motives (vine); silver tip, decorated with the same motif; at 1/3 of the length, a silver ring with irregularly serrated sides and room for inscription; hallmarked for Chester in 1896, silversmith’s mark E·N - Ebenezer Newman & Co. The baton comes with a black, rectangular, wooden case, lined with lilac cloth

; Inscriptions:


; Catalog card:

Joanna Gul, based on information provided by the owner


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