David Rees’s baton

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Name: David Rees’s baton; Persons linked to the exhibit: David Rees, Band of Hope; Date: 1910; Country: Great Britain (Wales); Town: Mynydd Bach; Materials: lacquered wood, silver; Measurements: length 43,8 cm, diameter 1,9 cm; Ownership: Jan Stanisław Witkiewicz’s collection; Inventory number: JSW 17; Description:

Black, two-piece baton, screwed together at half-way point, with an internal metal connector; conical body made of dark, lacquered wood with plain, silvered metal fittings on the grip, tip, and screw; inscription engraved with decorative font on the grip fitting. Hallmarked in London in 1910, silversmith’s mark E·N (Ebenezer Newman & Co.). As per inscription, the baton belonged to David Rees, conductor of the Band of Hope choir active in the district of Mynydd Bach (Wales), and was presented to him on the occasion of his conducting debut with the choir on 28 March 1914.

; Inscriptions:

Presented to / Mr. David Rees, / by the Mynydd Bach. / Band of Hope / on his first leadership / of the Choir. / MARCH 28TH. 1914.


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