C. Berg’s baton

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Name: C. Berg’s baton; Persons linked to the exhibit: C. Berg; Date: 1900; Country: Latvia; Town: Grobiņa; Materials: French-polished wood (rosewood?), metal; Measurements: length 38,3 cm, diameter 1,7 cm; Ownership: Jan Stanisław Witkiewicz’s collection; Inventory number: JSW 140; Description:

cylindrical baton; wooden body (rosewood?) with symmetrical fittings and decorations on both ends; fittings adorned with double friezes of laurel leaves along the edges, flat on top and finished with small, oval, metal “acorns”; fittings on both ends accompanied by single, narrow metal rings inserted into wood; in the mid-section, a wide metal fitting with an engraved inscription, decorated on the sides with a frieze of laurel leaves and flowers, and accompanied with narrow metal rings inserted into wood on both sides; on one tip of the baton, a decorative, metal monogram. Similar batons can be found in the same collection under inventory numbers JSW 16 (a high degree of similarity), 20, 121, 21, 23, as well as in K. Słowiński’s collection (KS 5)

; Inscriptions:

monogram CB; on the fitting: C. Berg. / gewidmet vom / Kirchenchor / Grobin 1900.

; Catalog card:

Joanna Gul, consultation: Magdalena Szmida-Półbratek (City Museum of Wrocław)


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