Lady Brooke’s baton

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Name: Lady Brooke’s baton; Persons linked to the exhibit: Lady Brooke; Date: 1890; Country: Great Britain; Town: London?; Materials: light wood (oiled or waxed), metal; Measurements: length 46,5 cm, diameter 1,7 cm; Ownership: Jan Stanisław Witkiewicz’s collection; Inventory number: JSW 162; Description:

As per inscription, the baton was presented to Lady Brook by the members of her Saturday class; Name People’s Palace probably refers to an educational institution in London, presently incorporated in the Queen Mary University of London; conical body made of light, French-polished wood (French-polish threadbare); at ca. 1/6 of the length, a hole (likely for a decorative string); at 2/5 of the length, a metal ring formed into a wider, serrated component with an inscription, and an oval part imitating a laurel wreath (?); grip finished with a metal fitting with decoratively carved edges and engraved with a flower on flat top; on the sides of the fitting, several panels with floral twigs and simplified, geometrical leaf motives (similar leaf motives can be found in several other batons from the same collection, i.e. JSW 11, 75, 100, 101, 112); tip fitting similar, carved on the edges and divided into fields with engraved leaves; to a large extent, the baton resembles exhibit JSW 164 from the same collection

; Inscriptions:

PRESENTED TO / Lady Brooke, / By the Members of / her Saturday Class. / PEOPLE’S PALACE. / 1890.

; Catalog card:

Joanna Gul, consultation: Magdalena Szmida-Półbratek (City Museum of Wrocław)


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