Baton with plastic tips

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

Name: Baton with plastic tips; Date: circa 1928-1942; Country: United States; Town: unknown; Materials: wood, bakelite (catalin); Ownership: Krzysztof Słowiński’s collection; Inventory number: KS 15; Description:

narrow, black baton with light tips made of plastic; conical body, very narrow and long, made of dark wood; elongated tip and conical tip of the grip made of catalin (multi-colored form of bakelite, in this case an imitation of ivory, produced by the Catalin Corporation in the USA in 1928-42, much less popular since then)

; Inscriptions: none; Catalog card:

Joanna Gul, based on information provided by the owner

; Bibliography:

E. Letkiewicz, Niezwykłe materiały biżuterii Art Deco – celuloid, galalit, bakelit, akrylik…, in: Roczniki Humanistyczne, vol. 65: 2017 no. 4, pp. 157-158

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